Please ensure you use the CSV Template File provided by Resource in the following worfklow. We are not able to accept custom fields or custom CSV data not matching our format.

Head over to the Network Tab to get started

  1. Click on Add candidates

A popup window will appear, asking for you to provide a CSV and to tag that upload with a tag so you can retrieve those candidates later and ensure they are organized.

If you haven't already, download the CSV Template and add your candidate data first to create a compatible file. We are not able to accept custom fields in our CSV.

🚩 The minimum required fields for Resource CSV uploads are First Name, Last Name and LinkedIn Public URL (this field is required for us to trigger email research.) If you already have email contact info in your CSV, you can omit providing the LinkedIn public URL.

2. Click on "Choose CSV File" to upload your file to Resource

3. Add a tag or tags to ensure you can retrieve these candidates later

4. Click "Start Upload"

Resource will then work to parse the candidates you've provided, this will take time based on the size of the upload.

Once completed, to retrieve these uploaded candidates, filter by the tag you added in the left sidebar. You can then select "add to campaign" from the upper right to move these candidates into an active campaign.

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