Head over to your existing Guides to setup the Team Culture Video Module on a base guide of your choice.

  • Click on the + Symbol in the upper right to create a new base guide or click on an existing Guide from the screen seen above to add the module there
  • You are now able to add any modules you wish which can then be pulled from as as a base guide for future use
  • Select "Team Culture Video"

  • Once added, click the pencil icon to insert the Youtube URL of the video you wish to have displayed in the Guide

  • Ensure the URL you add is the publicly accessible link for your team video, the format should be similar to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLex9xvQycQ for example.
  • If your team has unlisted videos, you can still share those by clicking on the edit icon in your Youtube Studio Dashboard and copying the shareable URL

Once you've added the Youtube video, simply choose this base Guide going forward and the module will be preloaded for you!

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