To update or setup your logo, locations, mission statement and brand color head over to Settings > Your Org


  • Click the + symbol to add a new office location
  • Resource Guide uses Google Maps to match addresses you enter, ensuring candidates can use these locations directly in their map app of choice when navigating to any physical office locations
  • Special Instructions field is provided so you can relay any unique location information like door codes or elevator information


  • Click Browse to update your logo or drag an image file you have to the upload icon
  • We recommend a high resolution file to ensure the logo looks great on any size screen
  • Your logo will feature at the top of the candidate Guide

🎨Brand Color

  • Resource Guide uses hex color codes to accurately relay your brand color to candidates
  • Your brand color will be used below your logo to display stage status of a given candidate

✍️ Mission Statement and Values

  • Add in your Mission statement and any team values you wish to relay to candidates. Your team can then use them in any Guide they send as an optional section. 

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