The Guide Slack integration connects basic Interviewer information to automatically populate Interviewer names and photos. Additionally, you can receive messages from candidates who communicate via the in-Guide chat to a Slack channel.

Head over to to setup the Slack Integration.

  • Click on Slack and follow the prompts to complete the setup. 
  • Our integration will ask for the following permissions from your Slack workspace:

🤔 How to customize this integration:

You will always have control over the two options within the Slack Integration. 

  1. Autopopulate New Interviewers: This will automatically sync interviewer photos and names from Slack to Resource Guide, making it much easier to send a Guide without asking for the interview team to send along pictures or update their info. As new users join your Slack instance, their names and photos will also populate for use in future Guides. 
  2. Receive Notifications on Slack: This will send Guide Candidate Chat messages (pic below) directly to a Slack Channel of your choosing so the team can respond quickly. If you choose to not use this part of the integration, no problem, candidate chat messages will still be sent directly to the sender of the Guide as an email. 

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