Getting Started

🔴 Bullhorn requires you to obtain a one time API Username and Password from their support team for this integration. To contact Bullhorn Support click on "Help" in the upper right of your Bullhorn account and select "Bullhorn Community." 

By Following the steps below, Resource will provide you with a templated email to send to Bullhorn with the necessary request.  


We need three data points to setup the sync with Bullhorn which are now displayed to you:

  1. Account - This lets Resource attribute candidates to you as you source into Resource and they are then synced over to Bullhorn. 

  2. Cluster ID - This tells Resource where your Bullhorn Account is hosted so we can properly link to it. 

  3. Default Sync User - This ensures Resource has a default user to attribute actions to as Resource and Bullhorn communicate. 

What does the sync provide? 

  • As your team builds campaigns they will be prompted to link their Resource Campaign to the corresponding role in Bullhorn 

  • Candidates will be then be synced to Bullhorn under that requisition/job

  • Each candidate in Resource synced to Bullhorn will have a follow through link on their Resource profile that will lead to their profile in Bullhorn.

  • Our Network Feature will allow you to re-engage with candidates, in bulk, currently stored in Bullhorn

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