🕵️‍♂️ If our system detects a duplicate profile, we will attempt to merge that candidate on your behalf if we have high confidence in their matching profiles. 

However If we need secondary input from your team, we flag them as a possible duplicate and temporarily stop messaging on that candidate as seen below:

If you click into the profile you can then select "review" to decide which candidate profile you want to have live on,  merging the other profile into it. 

🚩Merging or Dismissing a Merge is a permanent action that cannot be undone, if you have any concerns or questions please reach out first and we are glad to help! 

By bubbling in the button to the right of the chosen profile you are selecting that profile as the "primary" to live on and the deselected profile to be merged into that. 

Not a duplicate?

If you believe this possible duplicate to be a false positive, you can dismiss the match from the profile and we will attempt to send the message again as well.

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