When you link ✨ Resource with Greenhouse you can then utilize our Network Tab to build campaigns from prior candidates and prospects that applied within Greenhouse. 

Your team will also be able to source candidates into Resource and have them automatically added to Greenhouse as a prospect for a given role. 

🔴 The following instructions require you to have Site Admin level access in Greenhouse with Developer Permissions and Admin Level Access in Resource. If you need any assistance please contact us via support@resource.io

To get started:

  1. Head over to the ATS Integration Page in Resource

  2. You will see Greenhouse integration steps required for a complete sync

  3. By clicking on the buttons seen below, Resource will guide you on how to complete this one time setup in detail. If you have any trouble please don't hesitate to have us help you! support@resource.io 

  • Account - Once you click on "Connect Greenhouse" under the Account section pictured above, you will see a pop up window asking for authorization to sync with your Greenhouse login. Each team member will only need to do this once. 

  • This allows each team member in Resource to link their Resource campaigns to Greenhouse Job Openings and instantly send candidates sourced in Resource over to the corresponding job in Greenhouse. Your team can then update their interview notes, move them to different stages and see the messaging sent via Resource directly in Greenhouse.

  • Webhooks - This part of the integration allows Resource to update its list of candidates should there be a new applicant or a candidate is deleted or merged within Greenhouse. 

  • By setting up the Webhooks portion of our two way sync with Greenhouse, both systems can share in updates to candidate status and profile data. If Resource finds a new email for a candidate or if that candidate is deleted, merged or rejected in Greenhouse, this will update in both systems simultaneously.

  • Harvest API Key - This grants Resource access to update and see candidates currently contained within Greenhouse. While we continue to iterate on the Harvest API's powerful ability to keep both systems in sync, at this time we use the following endpoints/permissions:

Activity Feed

  • GET: Retrieve Activity Feed


  • DELETE: Delete Candidate

  •  GET: Retrieve Candidate

  •  GET: List Candidates

  •  PATCH: Edit Candidate

  •  POST: Add Candidate

  •  POST: Add Note

  •  POST: Add Attachment

  •  POST: Add Application

  •  POST: Add Prospect

  •  PUT: Anonymize Candidate

  •  PUT: Merge two candidates


  • GET: List Sources


  • GET: List Users

This sync has numerous benefits, including preventing duplicate sourcing and informing your team if a Linkedin, Github or AngelList profile exists in Greenhouse or Resource currently. You also gain the powerful ability to  build re-engagement campaigns from prior job search candidates via Resource's Network Tab

  • Default Sync User - Greenhouse's API requires us to log actions under a user who is present in both systems

  • Maildrop Email -  This allows Resource to send over mail thread activity to Greenhouse profiles. You can follow the link here to confirm what your maildrop address is for your specific Greenhouse account.

  • This part of our sync ensures that campaign emails sent to candidates are tracked within the activity section of their Greenhouse profile as well as in Resource.

  • Greenhouse SSO Domain - Greenhouse hosts your company account on a specific server, which can start with app.greenhouse.com or in rarer cases company.greenhouse.com or app2.greenhouse.com. To find yours, simply sign in to Greenhouse normally and look at the URL prefix in your browser's address bar. 

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