From any LinkedIn profile click the Resource Button in your Chrome toolbar to open Resource's sourcing panel. 

🚩You must have our extension installed for this to work, more info here.

By clicking on the extension in the Chrome toolbar, our sourcing panel will open:

  • Follow the prompts from the sidebar to add the candidate to a given campaign. You can also still customize the messaging and hold them for later review directly in the panel. 

  • Clicking on the button in the toolbar again will close the panel

Candidate PDF Workflow:

If we need additional information we may ask you to help provide us with details from the candidate profile. 

You don't have to provide any data manually, simply download the PDF of the profile and we will do the rest. 

Down Arrow > Save to PDF

Public Profile View while using Recruiter

At times the data available to us on LinkedIn Recruiter may require you to provide us with their public profile URL, by right clicking on "public profile" and selecting "copy to Resource" as seen below:

Sourcing on LinkedIn Talent Layout

LinkedIn's newer recruiter layout referred to as "Talent" has an updated user interface with a slight workflow change.

While using LI Talent you will still be able to provide a PDF and Public URL for our system but they are located in different areas of the profile seen below:

To snag the public profile link:

  • Click on "Public Profile" below the photo of the LinkedIn Member

  • A sub menu will open, right click on "Open profile in new tab" and select "Copy to Resource"

To download the PDF of the profile:

  • Click on the three dot menu "..." and select Save to PDF

Key features of our Chrome Plugin

  • Our plugin's icon will automatically change color on previously sourced candidates, changing from red to purple. By clicking on it you will be presented with any candidate history we have stored in our side panel. 

  • We now support PDFs on LinkedIn. To ensure you have the most up-to-date candidate data, click "Save to PDF" on any profile and Resource will automatically populate your candidate fields in the sourcing panel

  • By relocating our extension to the Chrome toolbar versus inside a given page we are now ready to support sourcing on multiple sites and accommodate design changes to your most commonly used platforms like LinkedIn Recruiter

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