When setting up your campaign you can control the delivery window and cadence delay for your messages via the settings menu. 

After that, we handle the rest and display to you the status of your campaign. 

Action Needed - candidates that have been set for review, have had their email bounce or in rarer cases we were not able to find an email address for them. 

Scheduling - candidate messages that are queued to go out at a later date (due to delivery window) or have been recently sourced and we are locating their email address. 

Contacted - Candidates that we have successfully contacted on your behalf. This includes candidates who have not opened your message or candidates who have and not replied. 

Replied - candidates that have responded, and we then interpret their sentiment to be interested or simply, replied. We stop messaging candidates who reply automatically. 

Passed - candidates you have marked during review as passed (deciding to not contact) or candidates you later choose to stop messaging manually.

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