The following fixes should help clear up issues when working in LinkedIn, notably when the right sidebar appears white or you encounter a spinning wheel while trying to source. 

Please note that you may only need to attempt one of the following options, and we are happy to help over a screen share anytime!

Clearing your browser cache overall:

🧹Clearing your Resource Cache in Chrome:

In some cases we need to clear a part of Chrome's cache to correct display issues in LinkedIn such as a white sidebar or profile's not loading. 

  • In the Chrome menu bar, click View > Developer > Developer Tools. The "Developer Tools" panel will appear on the side of your screen or in a new window.

  • Click "Application" on the top of the panel. If you don't see it, click the ">>" to show more menu options.

  • On the left under the "Application" heading, click "Clear storage"

  • Scroll down in the new Clear storage window and click Clear site data.

  • Done!

🛠Still seeing a white sidebar in LinkedIn after clearing the site data above? We're here to help!

For the Resource Button to function properly we rely on a few key items in Chrome:

  • Your version of Chrome must be up to date.

  • Do Not Track or Ad Blocker Extensions can interfere with our Chrome Extension's ability to function

  • Third party cookies must be set to allow (Not Blocked) in Chrome

Please let us know if you need any help by clicking on the chat icon in the bottom right or by emailing!

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