Why use an alias? It is especially useful for companies where the recruiting team manages outreach and scheduling on behalf of others. 

Note: Google G Suite Admin permissions are required for Step 1 and Step 2.

🚩 Please note that an email alias should never match an existing email in your GSuite Domain, this can cause delivery and sending issues for Resource. Example: if your founder is dylan@resource.io already, your alias needs to be slightly different such as dylanh@resource.io

Step 1: Create a new “Master” G Suite account

Most companies choose to have one “master” address that aliases belong to (for example: team@yourcompany.com or recruiting@yourcompany.com).  You can use the Master account to manage multiple aliases, and/or set up forwarding rules.

You may also choose to use an existing account, such as your own, as the Master account.  If so, skip to Step 2. 

To create a new Master account, log into the G Suite Admin dashboard. Click ‘Users’ and create a new user with the username of your choice.

Step 2: Create the alias(es)

From the G Suite Admin dashboard, click ‘Users’. Then follow these steps:

Select the Master account. In this example, we’re using Austin’s account. 

Click on Account. 

Click on Add an alias.

Type in the email address to be aliased and press Enter. 

Save your changes.

Step 3: Set up alias(es) in Gmail

Log in to Google with the Master account that owns the alias. Then, go to Gmail settings

  1. Go to the Accounts tab.

  2. Next to Send mail as, click the link to add an email address. A popup like this will appear: 

3. Add the alias you just created. Make sure “Treat as an alias” is checked, and then click “Next Step >>” to finish adding the alias.

4. Under When replying to a message, be sure that “Reply from the same address the message was sent to” is selected. It should look like this:

You can now head back to Resource, and go to our Settings Menu to load the alias and set the signature for this mailbox. If you have multiple aliases you may need to enter the first letter to prompt the dropdown:

Step 4 (optional): Set up forwarding and filters

If you want to forward messages to a specific recruiter’s Gmail where they can manage replies:

  • Go to the Master account Gmail settings

  • Click the Filters and Blocked Addresses tab

  • Add the 2 filters pictured below. In this example, austinc is an alias, and emails to austinc will get forwarded to austin.

The account that will reply using the alias needs to complete Step 3. To recap:

  • Go to Gmail settings

  • Under "Send mail as:" click Add another email address

  • Add the alias address and make sure "Treat as an alias" is checked

  • Follow the Send Verification instructions to verify the alias. It will look like this when finished: 

Step 5: Resource setup

  1. Head to app.resource.io and sign in with the Master account.

  2. Go to settings and click Add an alias.

  3. Select your alias, add the alias name and signature, and then click Add alias.

🎉 🎉 🎉 That's it! You’ll be notified when things are ready, and then you’ll be able to create campaigns sending from your aliases.

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